HAHA, okay well, I was reading up on universities and admission requirements and all. I think I’m going to go for an undergrad in ENGLISH at NUS yay (: I looked at the curriculum and all, and it seems heavenlyyy (: I might major in English and minor in Communications. I think. Hm, was looking at the admission criteria, and they’re not THAT difficult. To qualify for FASS, the 10th percentile has people with ABBB which isn’t what I’m aiming for at all. Lets all aim for straight As yeah? Must mug like crazy. Anyway, they don’t have ANY prerequisites on what to take. At all. Which is really strange. But yeah, there’s an English test that you have to pass to qualify for the course.

Ah, must first decide on what subject combi I’m gonna take in JCCCC. SO hard omgosh.

So its like:

1. Chemistry
2. Maths
3. ELL!
4. ?!

And I heard that history is really hard. But I don’t mind taking History laaa. And I kind of suck at Lit, dunno if its the teacher or what. But I don’t mind alsooo. I think I’ll just fail at Econs, so no Econs for me! Bio, argh. Really dowan to take Bio. Didn’t take Geog in Sec 3 and 4.

So basically I think I’ll be taking either history or lit. But is this combination even possible!? Cause its doubles or whatever? If cannot then howwwww.

Argh. I wish I can just skip ahead to UNIIIIIII. 


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