Haha, okay I know a lot of people coughamirahcough think Pottermore is lame, but its notttttt. Then again, I don’t find anything HP related lame so welllllll. Thursday night was so exciting hahaha! As you all can see from the post below, I was crazily counting down, and watched the video breathlessly with millions of HP fans around the world, very magical experience (JKR LOOKS SO CLASSY AND ELEGANT ILY JKR)No kiddding. I was just clicking on the stupid submit email button again and again.


Was hilarious actually. Because everyone was complaining on Tumblr, and all these hilarious GIFs were coming up. Super GPOY. My dashboard was flooded with Pottermore :D and I went on Omegle to scream in frustration. I found another tumblr user who was also frustrated over Pottermore. What are the odds right! :D

After 12 and a half hours ohmygoodness IT FINALLY WORKED. What is wrong with me. Sigh.

I was also very sick. My throat hurt like asdfghjkl. So went to the clinic with my bro, he was making me laugh (very painful, not recommended when you have sore throat) inside the clinic, and everyone was giving us bitchy looks HAHA. Went home, and promptly got a fever. But my bro wasn’t at home, he had to go out. So I whined and groaned to myself. Fell in and out of sleep, pretty much delirious. Took my temperature, was 39.4 :O when my parents FINALLY came home, they went a little cuckoo.

And I was just so restless and frustrated and angry at the world, because I was so damned uncomfortable. So what did I do? I started bawling.


Parents naturally freaked out a bit more. Fed me, then made me sleep. Apparently I was moaning at night also. HAHA, I’m such a horrible sick person. My dad didn’t get any sleep last night D:

My cousin sister called me today to laugh at me. Apparently my mum told her that I was crying -.- sighh.

I should stop being soooo emotional seriously. Crying wayyy too much nowadays. Everything also want to cry.

If I didn’t know enough about my nonexistent sex life, I’d think I was pregnant.


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