Haha, yes, you read right, I do have a smiley face up there :D believe it or not, I’m actually kind of happy to be back at school! I guess its just nice to be back to the familiarity and order of school. Was so great seeing familiar faces, missed everyone like crazy! HAHA, was so great to be sitting with Amirah and Chanel again.

They are the bestest tablemates ever! :D They’re both hilarious. Really they are. And I guess I’ve gotten closer to Amirah, and they just make class and school so much more bearable (:

I’ve always had great tablemates actually! :D

I guess with Nicole, its when I really got close to her. All our sneaky notes to each other with gossip and HTHTs scrawled on them are one of my favourite memories in RG. I think definitely, Nicole is one of the best things that has ever happened to me <3

I realise I haven’t blogged about her in a while, because we weren’t as close as usual last term. Nothing happened of course, I guess its just cause we’re busy, and we sit so far away from each other now. And because she never comes on MSN nowadays :D but anyway, got withdrawal symptoms from her during hols. Was so happy when we talked on MSN the other day dearie. I’m sososo glad tat you’re still confiding in me. Its just greatgreatgreat that even though we have periods of inactivity, I always know that you’ve got my back, and you know I’ve got yours. I love you sososo much, I really, and I’m crazy protective. Besties for life babe <3 Oh, and it was so fun flooding your FS today! Except if my bro sees it, we’re both screwed HAHA. Argh, I’m missing you already! Okay, going to come disturb you during free block tomorrow! :D I LOVE YOU NICOLEE <3 <3 <3


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