Helloo (: well, basically, I just sad down to read through all the notes I’ve gathered over the last couple of years, which I keep in a pretty box (: I’m a hoarder, so I think if you have ever given me a note in the past 4-5 years, I prolly read it again today (:

I felt so touched, happy and sad at the same time. It felt so great to read those words of encouragement, support, love and appreciation from friends and family. I felt happy when I saw all those notes from batchies, way back from Sec2, filled with promises of a great SYF’11 because I know we’ve achieved it. I felt happy when I read notes from Lava and Benita about keeping in touch. Felt sad when I read the notes from Nikki, cause I know I haven’t kept in touch with her as much as I’d like to. I really need to fix up an outing with her. This hols!! 
And I kinda felt sad+happy+touched+amused when I read your note. Always tends to make me smile, because the whole zoo trip and the pushing-me-out-of-the-mrt incident comes to mind (: pleasant memories man. 
Haha, then since I seemed to be in a walk-down-memory-lane mood, I sat down to reread all my saved messages too (: Some made me laugh out loud, like all my precious moments with Alagu, Lava, Srruthi, Arasi. Some made me tear up, like my essay like conversations with Benita. Some made me smile, like long meaningful messages from various friends and family, who never failed to send a message my way whenever I needed a pick-me-up. And I guess, I wish I hadn’t deleted all my saved messages from you, but I suppose its for the best (: 
Sigh, I miss the old days. But I look forward to the future too. Its just the present I can’t stand xD 
OH, and I got a new wallet today! :D From Guess (: hahaha, I think wallets from Guess, Fossil and Coach just call out to meeee >< but Fossil so expensiveee D: must start saving!! But I think my new purchase is quite nice! :D still feels a little awkward, cause haven’t broken into the leather yet, but hm. Hope I get lots of money with this oneee (: HAHA, its so fat and strange now. Looks so awkward xD
Okay, going to sleep now, today was such an awfully unproductive day. 

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