I dunno why, but I’m suddenly missing a lot of people right now. Something happened to someone I know, and it really made me reconsider how much I appreciate my friends and family. Cause honestly, I dunno what I’d do without you guys.

I was telling Alagu just now, about how if something ever happened to someone I love a lot, I’ll just go crazy. I’ll just cry and cry and cry, and curl up into a ball, not go to school, and basically just refuse to move on with my life. And it scares me how I’m gonna face all this when I do grow up. I don’t think I can. This is why I hope the world ends in 2012, so I don’t have to face the pain of losing the people I love one by one, you know? Morbid, I know. But I guess, its inevitable to think about it.

Sigh, I wish I can just draw in everyone who means a lot to me, and hug them for a longlong time. And tell you how much I love you, and how much you all mean to me.

Why am I even having deep thoughts now! Supposed to be doing Tamil grarh.


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