Becoming an avid blogger ohmygosh.

Okay, I have many things to talk about today!!

Firstly, during CLE on Wednesday, some J1 seniors came back to talk to us about JC, and what to expect. Basically a lot of it was about guys. And hahaha, I think if any guys happened to be there, they would have been very distressed by the generalizations. But haha, it was pretty funneh (: although, I’m terrified of the prospect of JC, hearing really varied views, not really sure what to expect. I guess I should just go in with an open mind, and be happy in general. Sigh.

I’M GOING TO MISS 406 AHHH. Haha, cause I know a lot of people think we’re a bimbo class and all, but we’re a whole lot of fun. I love us so much seriously. I love how we sit around and talk about the randomest shit ever. And we’re all weird, together. And we have hilarious people like Chanel and Clara Poa ahahah. I will miss them so much. Esp Chanel ohmygosh. And Amirah! I know I’ll keep in touch with Nicole definitely. But I’m so worried about everyone else!! D: D:

Yesterday’s inconvo was actually surprisingly fun! I think the guest speakers were really cool, and the topic was really interesting and kind of eye-opening! We’re all so sheltered in RGS and all, and we’re so unaware of the situation outside of our comfort zones. And omg, Mr Viswa was so cool. I can totally imagine him as a super good lecturer, he really made us consider a lot of things, and he is a REALLY good speaker :O so yes, fun (:

Today well. HARRY POTTERRRR. Ah, okay, I wasn’t really upset about it being the last movie and all, because I honestly don’t think this signals the end of HP, at all. Because HP will never ever end!! But ahh, everyone being depressed is just making me kinda sadddd D: And JKR made me cryyyyy.

‘Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home’ brb sobbing

AHHHH HEART PAIN. But yes, I will forever be making revisits to my favourite home (:

I love Harry Potter so much it hurts. I love everything about it. Like everything. The books, the characters, the movie cast, the wrock, the fanfiction, the fanart, the merchandise, the fandom. Everything. I am so proud to call myself a Potterhead. I lovelovelove HP, always have, always will.



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