Okay, sooo I’m proud of myself today, cause I actually did work today!! Finished Mitosis and Meiosis. Omg, thank goddd. Still have Mendelian genetics left, which sucks. But ohwell. At least I did something (:

OH, forgot to say sth! Last thursday, during INO, we were waiting for the election speeches to start, so we were all like high and wasting time. So Deepa cames up to me, and asked me for my belt. So I was like okayyyy? Then she took it, made it into a rose and knelt down in front of me and gave it to me! HAHAHA SO FUNNY. And I was like awhhh, I love you too No7! Yay (: Deepa is so cute and funny ahah (: oh and kavimalar said that I inspired her the most in INO. And awh, I was really touched, but it was soooo awkward when she said it omg.

Hm, oh yes. There’s thsi guy staying in my house now, think I mentioned him just now. Well, he’s quite nice and funny, so I actually have entertainment at home now (:

OH, also, went to watch Larry Crowne today, cause my parents wanted to watch it. Hm, I quite liked the show, it was really funny (: and there’s this SUPER cute part in the movie where Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts kiss outside her door, then after she goes in, she looks out through the peephole, and he’s like dancing around crazily and jumping and stuff. SO CUTE AND FUNNY AHHHHH <3

Lalala, so yes. I’m happy now, today was a good day (:


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