Okay, I’ll post about INO some other day, but seriously. Now, I’m going to cry. Damn lost for chem ): and there’s so much to rmb about the format and all ohgod. So stressed now ohgosh. Its 20%! What the shit la. I don’t understand why this has more weightage than SPA. So retarded. We’re just planning this, that one we’re actually doing the whole thing what!! And I did well for thatttt. Nuuuuuu. I don’t want to do badly for thissss. SO scared.

And got tamil also D: my tamil has been sucking big time this year. Like reallyreally. Ergh. I dowan it to pull down my grades, cause its lame.

I have to do better la seriously. Its like really important to me and my parents.

Fuck. Trouble at home again. Shitshitshit.


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