Okay, I know I’ve always said that romance is JKR’s shortcoming, I was always referring to the ‘roaring beast’ in Harry’s chest, but I realized that she wrote The Prince’s Tale.

She crafted the most beautiful story of love and sacrifice. The most beautiful story of everlasting love, and of how love comes above all. She wrote about how a boy, from a whole other world, was giving to give up everything he had, for a girl who married someone else. Lily walked away and married James freaking Potter, but Severus never left. A story of a boy who never gives up, who holds on to love, through his darkest moments.

The only Death Eater who could conjure something as pure as a Patronus.
This stunning masterpiece of a story. How could I have ever said that JKR can’t write romance?
She wrote a much more moving portrayal of love in ONE chapter, then Stephanie Meyer did in 4 books.
I love you so much Severus, you are my favourite character.
Always Severus, always.

And seriously, Lily’s Theme is the most gorgeous piece of music. I think it fits the whole situation so well, and it just makes me tear up like crazy everytime I hear it, its on repeat now, and my eyesight is all blurry. Its just stunning, the amount the emotion that is packed into it. Its one of those times where I wish I can just soak up in the story and the music, and just stay there and cry to myself. I don’t think this kind of love can be found anywhere. Its my favourite scene evereverever. Like even beats The Notebook. Right up there.

I don’t even have words to describe how much I feel for Severus. JKR did a brilliant job. I think the amount of pain and grief that she managed to bring through in one chapter is just phenomenal. I soak the pages with tears everytime I read that chapter. Its just hits me so much.

Its just so.. Beautiful ohmannnn. And the music just makes it so much more asdjfhuirbyvbyubhbyfyufdgsfl.

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