Reflection Time!

Okay so basically, yesterday during Math, I was laughing away as usual (I can’t help it, Chanel is really hilarious)
And Ms Hoo comes up to me. And she goes:
‘Arathi, you really need to start taking yourself more seriously.’
As in she said it in the funny, exasperated kind of way. And then she went:
‘I mean, unless you want to work in Disney Land, (which is a dodgy place, I swear they put something in the water there, how can people be so happy all the time!?) you have to start taking yourself more seriously. You have a lot of potential, and you shouldn’t cut yourself short. You don’t want to be looking back at your life when you’re 30 and regretting how it turned out, and hating yourself for limiting yourself. You really don’t want that. Okay Arathi?’
And she gave me a deep meaningful kind of look. Sigh, manipulative teachersssss. But ergh, I guess what she said really kind of hit me. Although I don’t think I have a lot of potential or anything, I don’t want to regret my entire life, and not be able to pursue my dreams just because I was slacking off in Sec4 you know? Ohhhhhh.
Hm, and I had an interesting dream last night. Ah, turmoillllll. I hate it when this happens. Like, it just confuses me, and makes me fall into the same trap againnn. Whyyyyy. But it was such an.. Endearing kind of dream that made dream-me melt D: D: D:
Our dreams resonate of secrets,
Secrets which only dare to show themselves
Under the cover of
By ME, ARATHI (yes don’t be surprised, I can be vaguely literate when I wish to be)

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