Are we too young for love?

No, I actually don’t think we’re too young for love. I know you are all surprised cause I’m all conservative and prudish. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do think we’re too young for a relationship, and it’ll probably all screw up before too long.

But I don’t think we’re too young for love. Not the stupid, ‘I like you from looking at your face for 5 seconds, and then I get over you and move on to my next victim’ kind of love, cause that’s just retarded mind you. But the ‘Stupid smiles from just seeing your name on my phone, I look forward to talking to you at the end of every day, love everything about you, motivate each other’ kind of love. It affects us so much, we shouldn’t just brush it aside.

It does mean something. And I think for these kind of relationships when you’re so comfortable with the other person, you’ve known each other for ages, and you wholly expect to see yourself with that person in 5-7 years time, it is love.

When you find something like this, savour it. Don’t pursue it, just keep it at the comfortable, happy, slightly more than friends phase. If you’re still having the same feeling when you’re 20, go for it.

And this is exactly what my mum told me!! BE SHOCKED. It was a very awkward conversation actually.
Cause she was like:

If you like a boy, its perfectly okay. Its natural, even at this age. And if you like someone, you should come and tell us, and your brother. BUT the guy you like should NEVER EVER know. You should never let it slip. Just be close friends. If he says something, just brush it off saying that you’re too young and you shouldn’t be discussing relationships now, but don’t completely close the chapter. When you’re 20+ and you both still have feelings for each other, go for it. We’ll be here to support you also (: but if I find out that you and some boy are in a committed relationship now or something I WILL SKIN YOU.

And I was like okayyyyy? Super awkward omg ahahah. But yes, I think it made a lot of sense to me, and it made me super glad that they were being reasonable. They weren’t expecting me to not have feelings at all, they were just expecting me to be mature about it, and not take rash decisions. Which is super reasonable in my pov.

But haha, seriously, can you imagine how awkward it will be for me to tell my parents that I like someone!? Worse still, can you imagine me telling my BROTHER? He’ll just kill me. And the guy. He’s already making death threats about my future boyfriends about how he will ‘destroy’ them. And ‘bury’ me. Sigh.

Violent brothers. Gotta love them.

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