Cooped Up.

Sigh, have been studying the whole dayy D: so tired now. Like really sick and tired of paper. I don’t even want to look at words now, and THAT’S bad. I really hope I do well for the papers tomorrow. I’ve studied hard, but somehow I don’t feel very confident D: D:

I cannot afford to let my GPA drop ohman. I really worked hard to drag it up, and I cannot let it slip ahhh. So stressed. This year is really jampacked with work. Its like every corner I turn, I’m faced with some assessment or PT or performance or something of that sort. Not to say I hate this year, I quite like it actually. TONS better than last year. But yeah still. So much work D:

Tomorrow, after exams, still have to rush out SSPT. I have 0 words written. I’m not even exaggerating. I have done absolutely NOTHING.
And Lit PT is coming up. LAME. Who sets a PT in Term 3?! Annoyingggg.
Okay anyway, need to go continue mugging D: D:

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