Well, so yesterday was a very fun day! :D got back history and math non-routine, I did okayyy la.. Not bad. School was pretty uneventful. Except omg hahahaha, Clara Poa was acting possessed during assembly, I was laughing like asdfghjkl LOL. She was just like rocking in circles (does this make sense?) and it was so strange and just sooo CLARA that all of us sitting around her couldn’t take it xD

I really love 406, I swear we have the strangest people In our batch! Okay fine no, not the weirdest, I know weirder (right Amirah?) but we’re so fun and bonded AND I JUST LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH! I dowan to go to jayceeeee, what if I’m stuck in some weirdo class!!! :O

Anyway, after school, we stayed back for a litpt meeting, was quite fun actually! :D my group is super epic (y) and our product is going to be AWESOME please (:

And after that, went to pass my dad something at his office, and since I was right next to the Fossil sale, I called up my brother and we shopped!!! Got such awesome stuff ah!! And it was so CHEAP. The most expensive thing there was like $79! That’s alllllll! At a freaking fossil sale!! I got 2 wallets and a cute bag, my brother got 2 bags and a wallet, dad got a wallet and a bag. And we bought my mum 2 bags and a wallet! Because couldn’t come with us D: but yeah, and we bought this huge travel bag. Altogether the bill was like $500+ I think, but totally worth it, cause it was up to 80% off please! And it was all genuine leather :D okay, I loveeee everything I bought, switched my wallet already HAHA. Leather is so rugged and softtttt! Looks so cool somemore (: I love Fossil yay (: and my family currently loves me, because they all got pretty things (:

If you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU CAITLAN THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Retail therapy indeed (:
After shopping, we all went to the temple. Which was also fun cause we offered to help the priest to pluck all the flowers and all, super fun (:
After I came home, went online to discuss for litpt, on skype! So funny because we were all falling asleep xD We finally finished at around 1245 haha :D
Now I’m on my way to Claire’s to finish up the scrapbook! Which is going to be very pretty cause it’s INDIAN STYLE (:
In such a good mood now haha yay (:

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