My blog titles are all so unimaginative D:

Well, today’s exams hm. HAHA epic fail. Tamil katturai was like.. LOL. My hand was totally cramping up by the end, I cannot handle 2 hours of continuous writing D: could barely grip the pen towards the end, have no idea if Aasiriyai can read my last sentence xD

LOL, found out that when LavaK called yesterday (I was sleeping) I picked up the phone and called her mad :D :D :D Sorry Lava, completely unintentional! You know how I spout nonsense when I’m half asleep xD

Speaking of sleep, my sleep cycle has been SO screwed recently. Have been sleeping at 10 and waking up at 1/2/3am to do work. Quite productive actually, once I manage to drag myself out of bed. I’m pretty lucid after brushing my teeth and having a glass of milk. And the house is quiet and conducive in the middle of the night so yay (y) although I’m prettyyyy sure that its not good for me D: ohwell, its only for a few more weeks (omg!)

So tired now ohmygoodness. 

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