Pottermore Hufflepuff but longtime Slytherin (:

Okay, I haven’t posted in a hideously long time. I apologize, but life has just been really busy recently D: my sleeping schedule is seriously screwed. been studying my ass off for the last 2 weeks. BUT have been slacking like crazyyyy for the last 3 D:
Yesterday was a good day! :D slacked around the house, did nothing productive, then went to the NATAS travel fair.
Its confirmed and everything, cause we already booked the tickets and the package tour! I’m totally excited. This will b my second trip out of Asia! First one was London (which was amazing) but Italy is just gonna be.. Woah. Excited ttm. I’m going to see THE LEANING TOWER OF PISA (be jealous) and gonna take retarded pictures! :D (TLTOP will be my SECOND world wonder! Third if you count Stonehenge!) I’m so crazy excited. This is seriously something for me to look forward to man. 
After the fair, we went to drop my dad at the airport (he’s going to finland for a business trip) after which my bro and I grabbed dinner and headed back home. My brother took the ECP route (because he’s awesome and he knows I love it) and we were just singing Beatles songs with the windows wound down, while looking at Singapore beeeeeyooootiful skyline! :D So nice, felt so happy (:
After we calmed down a little, I started to tell my brother how awesome it’d be to get a mixtape as a present from my future-probablynonexistent-boyfriend. Mixtapes are so awesome and cool. Can you imagine if someone gave me a mixtape and a tape recorder tied with a bow? I’d just squeal and jump up and down!!!! (ESP if it was all Beatles songs hinthint)
Awesome ttm.
Had a largely nonsensical (but wildly entertaining) phone conversation with Alagu this morning (: Love talking on the phone, horrible habit I know, but I really do. Parents are forever screaming at me to get off the phone. 
Lets see, who are my phone buddies? In no particular order:
1. Alagu
2. Benita
3. Lavanya Kumaresh
4. Sumitra
5. Srruthi
6. Mukilarasi
I talk about the most ridiculous things with these people on the phone I swear. But I love them <3
Oh, after I put down the phone, was supposed to go and study, but I got carried away watching HP&HBP. I realized that after the series is over, every movie seems good to me :O I despised HBP initially, I find its not so bad! I love Harry Potter no matter how bad it is la. 
Cried at the last scene, like the ninny I am. 
Oh, and about my title, I have come to terms that I CAN belong in 2 houses. I know JKR thinks I belong in Hufflepuff (not arguing either) but I just love Slytherin so much and wanted to be in Slytherin so much, and its always choice which matters right?
Stop judging me all you people. I know who you are.

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