Today (:

Okay, today I got judged in school by my horrible classmates. I’m just being melodramatic, Nicole was just judging me for not studying D: asdfghjkl.

Oh, haha today was the last full day of lessons! Its like almost impossible to believe! Have survived this hellish place for threepointsomething years (I’M NOT GOOD AT MATH OKAY) and soon.. It’ll all be over :O idk how to feel tbh. I’m happy for a change, and that I don’t have anymore PTs and AAs and CBAs and PPAs and whatever else, but at the same time, I don’t want to leave the safety of RGS, the outside world scares me..

Anyway, after school, headed out to Harbourfront! To get my receipt from Infinity (They were very nice btw! All of you! Buy Mac stuff from Infinity!!!) And I just felt so happy (:

Cause Harbourfront is totally my favorite mall. Its like Harbourfront is my favorite, closely followed by Vivo. I honestly dunno why I like it, cause there aren’t many shops and its quite lame compared to VIVO next door, but I guess I’ve been going there since primary school (my dad used to work in the offices upstairs) And I just really like the open-ness and airiness and lightedness of it!! Its like JE library. Then again, maybe its just me..

And as for Vivo, haha most of you already know. I spent half my life there I swear. So bloody familiar with it! Cause my brother adores the place, and buys like 93.5675347635% of his clothes from there, so I get dragged along quite often. So yes. Obviously I’m familiar with the place. Always watching movies there. Oh and Keppel Club is right next door, so sometimes I just head on to Vivo after chillin’ (okay, I’m lying. I do not chill in the club. My brother drags me there. The most I do is bowl)

ANYWAY, was supposed to head on to Funan after that, but I was too tempted to catch my long bus ride home! Have a straight bus, and I just adore long bus rides! Esp if I’m alone (: so yeah, just went home!

Have to go Funan sometime tmr D: maybe after going to Fairfield or something.. Hm, maybe I can even drag someone along! That’s a thought…

Alright, going to go and study now (YES NICOLE I AM STUDYING OKAY) 


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