Last Couple of Days.

Okay, I’m posting with Blogger’s new interface, which is.. Disconcerting to say the least. I’ve been looking at the same interface for 6 years (woah) now, you can’t just expect me to change! So yes, I’m switching back. Right after this post!

Well, haven’t posted in really long, so got quite a lot to talk about. Teachers’ Day was super fun!

On an unrelated note, it irks me how people spell it as “Teacher’s Day” rather than “Teachers’ Day” (if you did not notice the difference, shame on you!) I mean its not ONE teacher’s day right, its teachers in general! So the apostrophe (haha took me so many tries to get the spelling right) should come AFTER the ‘s’. Yes, pet peeve.

Anyway, Teachers’ Day was very fun! Started off with ACES Day, which was superduper epic. Although Clara wasn’t there (damnit!) Nicole Amirah and Shimei made a complete fool out of themselves, which amused me to no end (y) After ACES, we headed down to the Amphi for the show! There was like this super awkward silence as we were waiting for the teachers, and the emcees were having a difficult time, so Nicole and I (very kindly) volunteered Chanel and Amirah to go o the front and RAP! It was so good guys, seriously! I swear Amirah tries SO hard to be a black girl xD


Anyway, yes, I’ve been getting JUDGED for my Slytherpuff post. SIGH guys, you just don’t understand okay! MY IDENTITY IS BEING QUESTIONED HERE. But hahaha, I love being in Hufflepuff though, its hilarious. I think Slytherin is crazy cool, and I wish I was in it, but I guess its just like Amirah wishing she was black, fruitless. SIGH. So yes, I’ll just have to settle for a Slytherin bad boy then! :D


After the show, went back to meet my primary school friends, hung out at S’s house and watched Ju-On 2 which wasn’t THAT scary, but I still screamed in the end xD thats only cause B grabbed my hand, I swear. Headed out to Fairfield after that, met some of my teachers. I swear it feels like I’m becoming more and more of an outsider back in Fairfield cause so many people I know aren’t there anymore! D: Haha, the best part of the day was slacking at the covered-play-area and reminiscing about our primary school days with Benita, Divya, Nisha and Yvonne. We do it every year, and we enjoy it every year (y)

On Friday, went to Mira’s house for HARI RAYA! Omg, was super fun. And I need to say this. AMIRAH’S HOUSE IS GORGEOUS. Seriously, so cool and awesome and bigggg. I swear, next to her house and Claire’s house, my house is seriously damn lame -.- anyway, when we walked in, we saw like all these baju kurungs spread out on the sofas, and amirah said that her mum had bought them for us! :O :O :O :O it was so cool!! I felt like we were in some reality show when we went straight to the rooms to get changed!


After that, we ate and watched Glee Project (AHHH I LOVE DAMIEN) (BUT CAMERON IS NOT CUTE PLEASE) which was damn fun because of everyone’s reactions xD started watching Chasing Liberty, but didn’t have time to finish it damnit, but seriously, if you haven’t watched it, STOP BEING LAME AND WATCH IT.

Its seriously damn cheesy, but I love Matthew Goode so much! He is hot, and his accent makes him x98469863986239 hotter! Love the movie ttm!

After we left Mira’s house, Nicole, Stacy and I went to KINOKUNIYA. Which is awesome in itself, because its a bookshop (duh) Nicole didn’t get what she was looking for, but it just reminded me how much I miss reading!!!! I really want to part time in Kino ahhhh. HAHA, anyway, went to Candylicious after that (I hate you Stacy) which was horrible cause I bought Reeses’. Sigh, in my defense, I only ate one of the wafers, gave the other one away. NICOLE AND I ARE SUCH SUCKERS SERIOUSLY. Headed out to school after that for Heartbeat (the YFC concert) the show was pretty good, made friends from UWC hahaha. OH, and I found out that Alpha (my kindergarten/primary one friend) was GREEK. Exciting much?

Oh, on the downside, someone I know lost someone close to them. I’m really sorry, I know how much he meant to you. I can only guess how terrible you must feel, but I hope you’re coping well! Take careeee.

My weekend was pretty boring, nothing interesting happened.
I had a 3hoursand15mins CES today. I wanted to die. I was just groaning and moaning and whining towards the end (sorry mira+nat) cause I just couldn’t take it anymore.
Alright, gonna go studyyyy now. Byeeee. 

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