Hm, studied a lot today. Quite proud of myself, I was actually productive at home :O but omgomgomg damn hard to believe that EOYs are next week!!! D: D: D: D: D: I WANT TO DIE ALREADY FREAKINGFREAKING SCARED.

Sigh, on an unrelated note, went to the Borders book sale with my dad tonight, was so useless hahahaha. The books were all damn -.- seriously. BUTBUT I got one book! Which I am super excited about yay (:

Reading the OED (Oxford English Dictionary)

Its like a witty, banterish lexicon! Exciting ttm! I’m such an English nerd hahah, but tbh, reading the dictionary is like one of my biggest goals in life. And I love reading about English in itself, and words and language and grammar. AH, its so fun and awesome and I love English so much it hurts.
Okay, I am so weird I need to get a life.
IT WILL HAVE TO WAIT TILL AFTER EOYS THOUGH. Yay, I’m so excited to read my book (:

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