Okay, English was quite good today! 
Wrote Question 2: Societal expectations limit who you are and what you can be. 

As usual I linked it to the MASS MEDIA cause thats what I do every year. HAHA, talked about Glee and Lady Gaga and America’s Next Top Model and Mean Girls. Hahaha, my essay was so bimbotic and stupid. But ohwell, as long as it isn’t marked by AHEM I should be fine (: I even had time to read through my essay and correct grammatical errors! (y) okay, quite happy with English.

History ahh. Hm, okay la, I think I did fineeeee, hope I can get at least 14 for both! Just felt very sian towards the end of the paper though :O

Came home and crashed cause I was feeling very drowsy and weird (its the weather I swear!) Had a terrible nightmare about a pervy taxi driver. So scared now omg. I woke up with my heart pounding. I’m having the strangest dreams recently. All nightmares  actually.

Sigh, tomorrow is BIO which is like majorly stressful, I still have so much to mug for!! But I’m not going to be TOO stressed. Its my last Bio paper EVERR (ohman it feels good to say that) and I don’t want to panic attack and die.

I’m not overly worried about my GPA anymore. I just want to do well so I won’t hate myself. So okay guys, I have to go nowzzz, study Bio like some crazy person, will try to get sleep today!

Two more papers to go guys!!!

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