Okay, yesterday was like the best day ever. I love 406 so much! I love my friends!! Seriously, we were so noisy and annoying, and we were just running around to all the rides (literally) IT WAS ALL SO GREAT.

Okay, so basically I have only been to ONE theme park: Escape (well, I also went to Genting but it doesn’t count cause my bro was sick and we only went to the snow place) yes, so yesterday was the first time I ever went on a rollercoaster!


In the words of Amirah: Arathi is not a rollercoaster virgin anymore. NO I AM NOT. In fact, considering we took the blue one twice, the red one twice, the mummy one thrice and the dragon one once, I HAD 8 ROLLERCOASTER RIDES! It was so awesome really! I was screaming my head off! The worst one was prolly the blue one, in Battlestar Galactica, but my favourite was THE MUMMY RIDE. It was so awesome! Like the music and the lighting (or lack thereof) it was all so awesome!

The waterworks show was so great too! Basically because it was so hot and it felt good to have a bucket of water dumped on you (although the water was totally gross, my arms felt slimy) then when we were exiting, we saw this water fountain thing. And we went and got soaked. It was so fun, cause the water was a lot cleaner, and it was FREEZING. So good (y) After we dried off, we went for the Monster Rock show, where we started singing songs like It’s My Life, You Give Love A Bad Name and LOW (thats ma jam!) along with the cast! FUN. Oh, and how could I forget? Clara totally busted her moves with the obnoxious breakdance people! She was SO good! Like her bodywaves were da best out of everyone’s.

We ate at MEL’S DINER, the food was quite good, and I just really loved the whole atmosphere (: It felt like I was in one of those 50’s movies.

Oh, seriously, I love the whole atmosphere of USS! Its seriously like, you’re in another world altogether. And Amirah and I were talking about it, like once we got out, we’re leaving this carefree place behind. Like we’re going to MRT land once more D: we can’t sit n the middle of roads anymore (there are no cars) we can’t run around like complete idiots. We can’t bask in the theme park atmosphere! Nobody is going to break out into dance/song, we can’t go for free shows and rollercoasters and all. SO we just decided to have the time of our lives. WE TOTALLY DID.

OH and we took photos with all the mascots haha! FUN (:

But the end was rather sad I’m afraid. I started to feel really sick and miserable. I think my body was really confused tbh. Its in the air one second, and falling the next. Scorched one second, and drenched the next (woah, this sounds like some poem) so anyway, I felt like shit D: so, I couldn’t stay for the fireworks D: The journey home was THE LONGEST JOURNEY OF MY LIFE. There was this lady shoving me on the monorail, I WAS SO PISSED. Because I was having this terrible headache and feeling sick, and this women was just PUSHING me. I was THISSSS close to screaming at her and snapping her head off, but I didn’t (caution: arathi is dangerous when sick) slept on the bus, and dragged myself home. Checked my temperature and got a mini heart attack (38.7 degrees) so I just texted my dad+friends and went to sleep.

My dad brought home food which he forced me to eat and was all ‘I TOLD YOU NOT TO OVERDO IT’ sigh. But I regret nothing. Yesterday was so much fun, and I’m so glad to have friends like you (:


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