Hm, so I haven’t posted in a while.. Well, I went to watch Johnny English with Shimei, Amirah, Hengyeng and Stacy yesterday! Grabbed lunch first, at the Taka food hall, had thai food (: after that, the four of us had to walk to the cinema while it was raining like ashfjgjafhd. I didn’t have an umbrella, so was sharing with Stacy (not that it helped). Basically we were all drenched by the time we walked into the theatre which meant that we were freezing ):

The movie was sooooo stupid hahahah. It was hilarious cause it was so stupid. Its one of those shows where the main character is soo dumb that you feel very frustrated (pink panther anyone?) But it was still fun cause Amirah, Shimei and I were just spasming in our seats and being loud hahaha. What’s new right?

OH Nicole lost her wallet yesterday and I was sooo worried omgosh. BUT luckily, she got it back!!! So relieved on her behalf man.

I didn’t go to school today, cause of my back ): the doctor diagnosed it as a ‘cervical strain’. Basically, my sleeping position/posture is bad, so my back is screwing up. ARGH, its really uncomfortable and irritating cause you just feel sore and achey all the time. AND I’m having terribleeeee cramps too. Put the two together, and death seems like a better option. Seriously, I was writhing in the car seat on the way home from the doctor. It’s crazy.

Currently, I’m in bed, trying to watch Glee. The torrent isn’t out yet >( so I’m watching online (too many spoilers on tumblr!!) and its taking sooooo long to buffer. Super annoying. But so far, the episode is okay la. I wouldn’t say its phenomenal or anything, but its okay. It feels good to see all these familiar faces again ahaha. Oh and also, I think Kurt is better looking this season :O hahaha, I love the fact that we’ll be seeing much more of Darren (: Klaine is the best part of the show, hands down. And I just love Darren Criss so much (: It makes me happy to see him in the choir room and all.

Sigh. I feel so restlesssssss. 

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