Things that make me lose hope in mankind.

I literally just stop flirting with others. I mean I’ll still somewhat flirt but not as much. I dedicate my whole attention to the person I like. I put all my focus on a way to persuade that person to be mine in a romantic interest. Its just asdfghjkk, it just shows how much I really like that person.

Okay, I just saw this on Tumblr, and I’m just very.. !?! Idk, its just that this person makes it seem that its such a big deal that she “literally stops flirting with others” and it “just shows how much [she] really [likes] that person” and I’m sitting here like.. Whuuuut?

I mean of course la! Isn’t it expected? If you really like someone, you’ll only have eyes for that one person, you won’t even CONSIDER flirting with anyone else, because in your mind, nobody else will ever match up to him/her. I mean, thats what liking someone feels like!! You won’t even “somewhat flirt”, because it’ll feel like you’re cheating, even though you’re not technically with the person. When you like someone, you hand yourself over to that person, you belong to them. You can’t imagine being with anyone else, you won’t even entertain the thought. Hell, it won’t even be an option.

That’s what liking someone really feels like.

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