This is so pressurizing.

HAHAHA LOL I think this is hilarious. My blog views have like spiked. All because I got a shoutout on Nicole’s blog.. Sigh. But I guess popularity (lies, I’m totally not one of those ‘pop rg girls’) is just expected when you’re Nicole Chua’s best friend hahaha.

But yes, I feel so stressed now, because everyone was squealing about my last post, and I feel like this one has to match up to it somehow. Which it won’t. I’m sorry, but my reflective moments are unfortunately rare. Anyway, I’m really glad that my parents have given you hope! Hahaha, they are really cute, and we should all strive for successful relationships like theirs’ okay!

Haha, today was such an epic day I swear. Started off with my classmates fangirling over my parents (okay, thats a sentence I never thought I’d say) and all the prom drama. Hahahaha, I think its hilarious tbh. I mean, I dunno why everyone is making it into such a big deal, guys, its just an event!! I mean, yeah, we all really want to go and have fun, and it would totally suck if it gets downgraded to some shitty hotel (no amirah, not hotel 81) so we’re just kinda pissed at all the crazy anti-prom people. I mean, I’m fine if you don’t want to dress up, or can’t afford it, or have an exam the next day, but if you’re one of those people who LOUDLY proclaim that prom is lame, and high-five each other for your similar (asinine) thoughts on how prom is bimbotic and conformist or whatever, STOP IT. You are just being spiteful, and like ruining our night. Is it wrong to be actually excited for our prom, for the last event we’re gonna have as a batch, with our classmates, before another species is introduced into our midst?

I mean, we’re SORRYYYYY if we want to dress up like normal girls, and camwhore, and squeal and cry with our friends. I’m sorry if that makes us bimbo, and in some complete inane way affects you, but yeah, we can’t help it. So stop labelling us and just trying to be spiteful and mean. You can hate us if you want. We know that we didn’t do anything wrong la. Oh and if you want to comment on my friends’ blogs, please at least have the guts to put our own name. We’re all putting up our opinions on the internet, just the same as you are, but at least we’re gutsy enough to do it without the veil of anonymity.

Okay, on a somewhat unrelated note, I have been told that I have a ‘Mother Theresa Face’. HAHAHA what on earth man. Apparently its my saintly face right before I do something martyr-like. My friends are so random hahaha. Oh, and Shimei, Nicole and I had a long conversation about how we are super stressed for the future!! We all agreed that we need to get married by like 24-26 and have kids before 30. BUT WHAT IF WE CAN’T AFFORD TO BUY A HOUSE? Or like pay for all the expenses that are bound to crop up! Everything is so expensive now, and its only going to get worse!! Stress ttm. But yeah, haha I think my biological clock is totally ticking. I’m so excited to have kids!! Yesyes, I know I don’t even have my EOY results back yet, but no harm in being excited right!

SO JEALOUS ABOUT MY FRIENDS’ SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPSSSSS. Ah, I totally have Ugly Girl Syndrome too hahahahaha. 

And as worrying as it is, I’ve started to care less about my studies (I know, I didn’t think it’d be possible either) As in, obviously I want to do well also la (HOW TO BUY HOUSEEEE) but I’m not so concerned about it now. I mean, seriously, how much is your EOY results gonna affect you in the long run? I know that academics are important and all, but there are so many more important things in life. That I’m learning, everyday. And these are seriously x876345387563560 more applicable to us. And will affect what kind of person we’ll turn out to be. I mean, I highly doubt my future mother-in-law/boss-of-a-non-math-related-company will care that I failed my math/bio/chem/whatever.

I am going to focus on being a better person! Need to be less bitchy, need to have my ‘Mother Theresa Face’ on more often, and yeah basically. I need to be a lot nicer. 
Wait does the top part about FAM count as bitchy? Cause it wasn’t supposed to.. 

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