Hm, didn’t go to school today cause wasn’t feeling too well, and didn’t want to risk falling ill (math is next week!!!) so slept a little longer, and it felt absolutely amazing. But right now? I’m craving for really good ice cream. On a cone. Like the rich, creamy kind. Either vanilla or hazelnut or somewhere along those lines. But my area sucks, and the only ice cream on a cone I can get, is from Macs -.- unless of course I drag myself to West Mall. Which I don’t want to. Sighhhhh. Okay, I need to make full use of today and do math!! I’ve slacked enough so far! Slept and watched the new Glee episode.

Oh btw, I WILL GO BERSERK IF KURT BREAKS UP WITH BLAINE FOR SOME STUPID REASON. SERIOUSLY. I WILL JUST KILLLLLLLLL SOMEONE. PREFERABLY RYAN MURPHY. THEY ARE THE BEST PART OF THE SHOW, AND THEY CAN’T DO THAT. Hmph. And and seriously, Kurt looks a lot better this season!! :O shimei and I were discussing it the other day and she agrees! He totally does, but we can’t figure out why! I think its because he’s a lot less uptight. But dunno. OH and we realized that we rarely see Kurt’s teeth!!! :O :O :O so disturbing. But yes, I think so far, this season is pretty good. I love Puck (: (: (:

Okay, I really need some ice cream on a cone. 

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