My Blog = Dead

Okay, I know I have been seriously neglecting my blog, but I can explain myself! Firstly, I was in India from 19 Oct to 26 Oct! Went for my grandmother’s prayers which were really sad and sombre ): I wasn’t really close to her, but its strange to think that she won’t be there the next time I go with her potato stew and appam. But after the prayers, I got to celebrate deepavali in india! Ohman, it was so insane, you have no idea! I took tons of videos, will post them when I have time (:

Next, my GPA for this year is like really dismal. I was super disappointed, and I could tell that my parents were too, but they were being really nice to me. I started crying in the middle of the conversation, because I just felt like I was letting everyone down, and that I was being an embarrassment to my parents. And I honestly think my mum is psychic, cause she looked at me and went “You do know that we’re not ashamed of you or anything right?” which obviously made me cry harder. Ah, my parents are so nice to me. But yeah, I’m not going to be ashamed of myself either. I mean I got a shitty GPA, I didn’t cheat on my exam, or get pregnant or something. I studied hard, but it wasn’t enough. I just have to take that into perspective and study a LOT harder next year. JC is what really matters anyway.

Moving on, I AM SO TERRIBLY UPSET THAT I COULDN’T GO FOR TALENT VOGUE AND WATCH CHANEL BEING AWESOME )’: I COULDN’T GO FOR ICS FAREWELL EITHER. DAMNIT. I’ve been really sick the past two days D: food poisoning sigh. The food in our school canteen/cafe ah. Fail. FAILLLLLLL.

Friday night was one of the longest nights of my life I swear. I was really sick, and was moaning throughout the night. My dad was an absolute darling I swear. He stayed next to me the whole night, and getting me water and holding my hair up while I emptied the contents of my already empty stomach. And on Saturday too! He came with me to the clinic, and waited an obscenely long time to see the doctor. Hahaha, my dad was all panicky and funny cause I hadn’t eaten for like 24 hours. But I didn’t really have an appetite. At all. Like the thought of food just made me nauseous. Still does actually. And it sucks cause my mum bought home naan yesterday but I didn’t feel like eating it.

Now, I’m just sitting around looking like some hobo. Haven’t combed my hair the whole day xD only family can see you like this and still love you, I swear. Sigh. Deepavali dinner was supp to be today, but is postponed to next week. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING GUYS YOU DA BEST.

OH and thank you to everyone who messaged me, or mentioned me on their blogs (yes shimei, I do read your blog) I do appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness, I love all of you so much. I will get better! 


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