Okay, I can’t believe tomorrow is approaching so fast, seriously. I don’t want to graduate. I don’t want to leave the safe haven that RGS has become. I love my class sososososososo much, seriously. 406 has made my RGS experience like x4876538476856178609857637856201843659632785 better, and I’m not just saying that. You guys have been absolutely amazing, and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better class. 
I’m really reluctant to sleep now, cause I know that when I wake up, it’ll be the last day of school. Its the last time I’m going to wake up as an RGS girl. HEAVY STUFF OMG. I know its once an rgs girl, always an rgs girl, but its different! I’m going to be an absolute mess tomorrow, and will post a freaking long post soon. 
Need to pack all my tissue omg.

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