Yes, okay, here is my superduper overdue post on prom! Haha, as always, I waited for Nicole to post her’s first, so I can kope photos heh >)

Well, prom was incredibly fun, it really was. I will never understand why people hate it so much and think its uncool, BECAUSE ITS TOTALLY NOT. Its a lot of fun. I mean, you get to see all your friends made up, and glam! And you get to glam yourself up too!! :D

Firstly, I owe a LOT to FEP hahahaha. I got everything except my dress there!! :D Got shoes on Saturday, nails on Monday! And I shall post a picture of nails cause I thought they looked quite pretty from afar (the lady at the shop screwed them up!)

Okay, I will not bore you with photos of my dress and shoes. Hm, oh yeah I also went through a couple of PAINFUL procedures to pretty myself up. I will not go into gory details in fear of male readership (like hell ahahahahaha)

Ohohohohoh! Then came Tuesday!! Aka PROM DAY (: Met up at 2.25 at FEP for hair and makeup! The lady kept telling us to publicise, so here it is!!

WE DID OUR HAIR AND MAKEUP AT CREATIVE FACEWORKS PEOPLE. The prices are super reasonable, and the people there were damn niceee (: Like the lady who was doing my face kept telling me I had nice features :’)

Nicole and I! AHHH, Nicole looked so pretty asdahjfgjkghdss.

I think amongst all of us, Chanel was really the star. She looked SO pretty and cute honestly!

And do I even have to say how stunning Claire looks? Thought not.

Heather and Chanel. Omg, I need to thank them sosososo much. They helped me a LOT with prom prep, I would have been totally gross if it weren’t for their help seriously. And they look so pretty here!!! I have such pretty friends yay.


OH we all look pretty and glam here (: Prom material (:

The walk to Marriott was like T.T My heels were just killing me I swear. I know Nicole is prolly just scoffing at how they’re only 4 inches, but HEY first time wearing heels okay (court shoes don’t count) But yes, so freaking painful. Nicole and I were just holding on to each other and walking reallyyyy slowly. And she got soooo many double/triple/quadruple takes I swear. That girl is too pretty for her own good.

When we reached Marriott, PHOTOS GALORE HAHAH.

Eswari and I! :D

Lingying! I thought she looked very pretty in a understated way (:

Clara Poa looked so NICE. You see Clara, we told you that can pull off a long dress!! So pretty omgggg. And Aisyah looked so nice too!! :

Mr Jalleh! Haha I miss SS lessons with him so much omg. Juniors, you better hope that you get him! He pretty much singlehandedly saved my SS grades! And lessons were so fun seriously! Going to miss him and his oddness! I remember when we were taking this photo, he was calling the camera ‘silly and stupid technology’ LOL because it senses smiles (:

I’m just going to put this photo here cause it is so awesome ahhahaha :D :D :D

Aisyah’s at was pure fun ahaha. It was hilarious seriously. I was just dyinggg, esp when I went up on stage to help her hold the mike.

I love this photo :’)

Of course, how to forget the whole prom surprise quest thing!

Haha, yeah the whole thing was fun la. Please go read Nicole’s blog for further clarifications. Oh and for those of you who happened to see me around with him, no, I’m not having a sordid affair with my best friend’s boyfriend -.-

Awh (:

Anyway, after all of this, we headed to Amirah’s house for our SLEEPOVER (: Which was fun too yay (:

OMG SHIT ITS BURST!? I love this photo ahahha.

Me (:

Okay, all in all, it was a GREAT day. It really was, and I’m so thankful for my friends, for making it such an unforgettable experience.

And I’ll end off with our vlog ahaha (:


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