Bad Blogger.

I have seriously been neglecting my blog recently, and for that, I AM SORRY. For all you people who regularly read my blog (seriously this is only nicole, shimei and heather) sorry for the lack of updates!

For once in my life, I actually have a life! And a happening one at that! My parents totally disapprove cause I’m out almost everyday but OH WELL its holidays and I’m 16 >) Hm, Shimei’s birthday party was last thursday! And it was very awesome I had a lot of fun (: dressing up with my friends is so fun! :D If you want to know more about CSM’s birthday party, go look at Nicole/Amirah/CSM’s blogs!

Shimei, thank you for being so awesome. I was terrified of you last year, and part of this year, whenever you are in a mood (you know what I mean) but yeah, you have grown on me (: you are seriously a super nice person, thank you for checking up on me whenever I fall sick! I hope you had a great day, cause you deserve it! :D BREAKING DAWN NEXT WEEK YES.

OHOHOH I have to blog about this. Went out with Alagu and Sharni to FEP, and we went to this shop which sold badges. Like hundreds of them. Alagu and Sharni were spasming over the 1D badges hahaha. And I asked the shopkeeper if he had HP badges and he went “Hally Potter ah? Don’t have laaaaa. The movies all finish long ago ready!”

AND I WAS LIKE !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! I HATE YOU SHOPKEEPER. HP WILL NEVER BE OVER AND IT WILL NEVER BE OUTDATED EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I was so mad really. I mean they had GHOST RIDER badges, and DORA THE FREAKING EXPLORER BADGES. Why not Harry Potter badges HUH. People will totally buy okay!?!?!?!?!! Stupid man. I hate him. My eye was like totally twitching and I was just itching to set his shop on fire, but Alagu was like patting my shoulder and trying to calm me down.

Stupid shop.

Oh and I watched Happy Feet 2 today!! Haha quite good, the cuteness makes up for the lack of storyline xD I think this one was better than the first one though! AND OMG MY FAVOURITE PART OF THE MOVIE: When Carmen the penguin screeches ‘Ramoneeee’ AND I REALIZE THAT ITS GLORIA FROM MODERN FAMILY. Omg best. My brother and I snapped to look at each other, and went Gloriaaaaaa!

Hahahaha, I love Gloria!!!! She is SO FUNNY omg. Seriously. Modern Family is so good, you should all watch it. I love Phil, Jay, Gloria and Mitch. The show is so funny and awesome and great. I love it, going to rewatch episodes now, BYEEE.


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