I should really be sleeping right now.

I miss so many people.

Not so much the crazy, miss you until it hurts, just wanna crycrycry kind. But like, just the.. Maybe if things had gone differently I could have texted you all the times I was bored. Maybe that day when I passed by that particular bustop and thought of you, I could have texted you.

But yeah, things didn’t turn out that way. And most times, I’m okay with it. Cause I know better things are coming my way. Everything happens for a reason you know?

Its just moments like these when I just start thinking and reminiscing. Memories are suddenly tinged with an edge of sadness and loss. Right now, it feels like if I had you next to me right now, everything would be alright. But I guess, what I want isn’t you in particular, its just what we had.

Oh well, that ship has sailed, and in about a few hours when I wake up, everything will be right again, I will be back to not thinking about this. Just a few more minutes to cross.


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