Good Day :D

Woke up pretty late, had a leisurely shower and breakfast. Made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go out with Benita and Veckesh. Had a good time, although most of the time we were trying to figure out how to get to the Heeren, and trying to get an umbrella. Epic. Cause there was this bitchy shopkeeper at the first shop that we went to, so we purposely went to another shop and bought umbrellas (which were ugly) and then we deliberately spoke very loudly about our umbrellas and the good service >)

We realized that the Heeren is one of the most ulu malls ever. Seriously, we could have counted the number of shops open on our fingers. OH and there was this shop called ‘Fourskin’. Worst. Name. Ever. Veckesh and I couldn’t stop laughing at the inappropriateness hahah.

Went home and watched a movie with my cousin sister! Great weather to curl up with a cup of hot milk, blankets, a movie and good company (: all of which I had! :D grabbed really late dinner at subway. The outlet at Rail Mall! I like Rail Mall (: it has a very nice ambience and the shops are all very interesting!

And I decided that I don’t like guys who eat very little. Idk, guys are like meant to have enormous appetites, and eat like they have a bottomless pit for a stomach (refer to brother) and its unnatural when they eat very little. I think its endearing when they’re hungry every few hours haha, makes them who they are!

Oh, and I hate the :3 face. I really do. Hideous.


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