RIP Orange Juice Carton

You have been a source of comfort to me. I had, prior to our amazing relationship, scoffed at the enormous carton of orange juice that my dad purchased and declared that we would never last. But fate proved me wrong. You were not perfect, no. You with your pulp served as a challenge. I had to spend several minutes, filtering out the dreaded pulp, and making a mess of the kitchen counter, but it was all worth it in the end. Now, its over. It all seems so fleeting.. Feels like just last week when my father brought you home (it was last week) But I have no choice but to replace you, orange juice carton. With another orange juice carton, maybe this time with no pulp. We will never have the love-hate relationship that we had, but I have to try.

Okay, so obviously I am suffering from a lack of orange juice.

(notice near empty glass of orange juice)


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