Just kiss me and smile for me.

Went to Little India with my brother in the morning, he was doing his usual routine of staring/glaring at random guys -.- he surprised his gf with a christmas tree which was quite :O now I’m def expecting a surprise for MY birthday (:

Met Nicole and Kenzo after that at ION to have lunch and headed on to BRITISH COUNCIL. Yes, I love BC you all know that. But it is very awesome okay, you can ask Nicole. I hardly got anything done because I was just talking and disturbing everyone HAHAH. Discovered that K is some freakyfreaky math boy. Scary ttm. But yeah I had fun wasting time yay (: Nicole and Kenzo are really cute together, it has to be said. I am happy for you guys, stay strong alright! :D

Listened to Leaving On A Jet Plane in the car. Ah, love the song so much although it makes me really sad. Its stuck in my head now, but good stuck not bad stuck. Old music (y) HAHAHA, Cecilia by S&G has been on repeat for dunno how many days ready lol. Its so happy and awesome please.

Was talking to K just now, and I realized that I really DOOOO talk a lot of rubbish. Like I said “perked out” and “I’m won’t” -.- completely retarded. And he very kindly pointed out both instances and laughed at me, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT.



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