I Care.

You know when someone else’s pain hits you so hard, that you’re just kinda bowled over, and have your breath knocked out of you? I mean, its just that sometimes, you see how hard others have it, and you look at your own life. I’m so blessed seriously. I think I don’t appreciate it nearly enough. And you just wish so fucking hard that you could do something to help, to make it stop hurting, but you can’t. Some things are just out of your control I guess.

Its so unfair. I mean, why do I deserve my life more than others? I was tearing up like crazy just now, cause I felt so helpless. When it comes to issues like this, no matter what you say or do, the problems will never go away. I suppose all you can do is to be there for them, and let them know that you care.

So yeah, just know that I do.


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