I Regret Nothing.

I now have the entire Bring It On collection, from 1-5. I foresee a marathon xD I love trashy cheerleader movies HAHAHA. Guys, I seriously think we need to watch together lollllll. Like at the next party or something. I mean its SO STUPID and trashy. And I know that Amirah and Shimei love the bitchy black girls! Hahaha, I can’t believe we all have a shared love for Bring It On, such a coincidence really! Do you remember when we all did “shabooya sha-sha-shabooya ROLL CALL” during PE hahahahhahahaha. Epic. I miss PE lessons with 406 ): ): ): all we do is squeal and run around like headless chickens. Aisyah’s commentary during soccer module = win.

OH and Shimei is getting me HP stuff from Harrods OMG I LOVE YOU SHIMEI THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. So excitedddddddddd ahhhhhhh. I love HP merch seriously. Its likee. Just amazing. Sighhhhh.

Oooh, my dad bought me orange juice without pulp (: FINALLY omg was such a relief being able to just POUR the juice into the glass without having to filter it first.

Oh and you know, there is this ad in the 7-11 near my house for a ‘Free Tumbler’. Tumbler. So weird to see it spelt that way. I keep thinking its a typo omg. What Tumblr does to you sigh.


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