5 Romantic Situations I Would Like To Be In.

1. When my boyfriend meets my friends. This is totally important to me okay. I mean, he has to be on good terms with my friends! Not until like best friend go out everyday la, that’d be odd, but like once in a while we can all go for a movie and he’d be okay with it kind. He can’t think my friends are lame right! That means he think I’m lame, by association. Very bad. But yeah, I think it’ll be very fun hahaha.

2. When I have a really bad shitty day, and I come home to a surprise! This is totally chickflick, but whatever! Its very sweet okay! I mean you know some days you’re just SO sick and tired of everything and you just want to curl into a ball and die? Then you come home and he already had dinner set out, and some sappy movie which will make me cry, ice cream and blankets. I WOULD BE SO HAPPY I’D START CRYING OMG.

3. Doing dorky things together. Okay, I don’t know if this counts but yeah. I LOVE DORKY GUYS AHHH. The kind who aren’t embarrassed to be stupid and funny and ridiculous in public. Like going to the museum and walking around, making up our own stories about the exhibits. And going to Ikea and being stupid. Going for pottery lessons together. Painting a room together. Reading out loud to kids, complete with stupid voices. Having picnics in the random open grounds in Singapore. SITTING ON MY FAVOURITE BRIDGE ON PIE AND LOOKING AT CARS. Being completely cuckoo about a movie, and taking turns to recite all the lines. Putting on fake accents and weirding out everyone. Go for movies and mock them (hahah if cannot I always have the thorns! And Nicole!) Working at a bookshop together. OH AND PLAY LASER TAG. And singing Beatles songs badly! :D Okay yes, a lot of stupid meaningless things.

4. Having a big fight, but ending with both of us laughing and apologizing. Not cause we have differing opinions but cause its not worth getting upset over. And then he can get me a cake with frosting spelling out “I’m sorry I’m so stupid” (I read this online) OH and speaking of fights. Like you know when you’re angry at him, and then he just acts like an idiot to get you to smile (not veryvery angry, cos then I’ll just get more angry)

5. WHEN HE PROPOSES LA DUH. I would be so angry if he doesn’t do it properly okay. Like just “Eh, since you know its about time, you wanna get married?” I WOULD BE SO ANGRY. I’ll just say no and stomp off. I mean a guy proposing is like one of the biggest moments of a girl’s life! We’ve been building it up in our heads from years and years of watching trashy shows, you better not let us down! No need to be anything too fancy la, but you know the cute thoughtful kind! Accompanied by the cute speech (:

Are ya happy Aisyah? This was actually quite hard to do! Fun, but tough!

Oh and I think all guys need to read these:




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