Something That Needs To Be Said

Batman is the best superhero. Ever. I mean seriously. Have you watched the movies? How can you NOT adore him! Christian Bale surely helped. He is so badass. But the character himself, Batman, is incredible. I mean, he doesn’t claim to be perfect, Batman is so incredibly flawed, but he is able to look past the screwedness of Gotham and visualize a better society. He doesn’t seek glory or anything, he just kind of slinks in the background and saves everyone. So. Hot. (He is like the Severus Snape of superheros) The Dark Knight was seriously like one of my favourite movies ever. Joker was brilliant, but Batman was so insane too. The last scene was just.. Whoa. CHILLS.

“He’s not our hero. He’s a Silent Guardian. Our Watchful Protector. The Dark Knight.”



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