Happy (:

Turns out I can blog here cause my hotel has free wifi (: well actually I think it’s not free, but we’re stealing it. Haha since this whole trip was so last minute, we were hardpressed to find hotels. So we just booked at this place called “Bala’s Chalet” and my brother an I were all like “Hahaha our brudder!” and we weren’t really expecting much la. But turns out, it’s a really quaint and homely place.

Cos it used to be an English school a really long time ago, so it has the.. Mallory Towers feeling you know! Damn pretty omg. With fireplaces and wooden everything and cute Christmas decorations. There are all these old photos on the wall, and typewriters and old telephones. The people here are really nice too! I’m having a glass of warm milk now, although it wasn’t even on the menu (:

It’s so olden style. I feel like I’m living in a cottage. I mean, it kinda looks like a row of cottages too, with vines on the side and rose bushes. So pretty omg. And the room is pretty too. Quite barren, not much facilities I supp, but it’s all wood, and atticy. I want to model my future room after the upcoming library, its really superrrr nice!!! If and when we buy a new house that is.

It’s a nice temperature here too, about 15 degrees? Feel so relaxed (:


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