Phantom of the Opera

Haha stayed up watching Phantom of the Opera for the umpteenth time last night (the movie not the actual thing. I’m poor) and I love it so much omg. I know the actual musical is supp to be a lot better, but I do like the movie okay! Prolly cause i like the story so much! I remember reading the book a really long time ago and loving it also. I am totally Team Phantom okay. I hate Raol. I hate him I hate him I hate him. Stupid. I mean I know the Phantom is kind of murderous and psycho, but he is so poor thing!!! I mean he has led such a wretched life, THEN RAOUL AND CHRISTINE MAKE IT WORSE. Okay I know that Christine can’t force herself to love him. but I wish she did okay. I always feel damn </3 when the Phantom starts crying right after they kiss. ITS NOT FAIR. Oh and I figured out halfway through the movie that its Gerard Butler (yes I know I’m very slow) And I love the music. Sigh. I really wish I could watch it live damnit. Hahaha coincidentally, I just saw Shimei’s post, halfway through my post, and its about PotO too!! Just that’s she’s very lucky and got to watch it live sighhhh. But yes, I agree. The Phantom is hot.

Oh and update on my very unhappening life: I am now in Penang! Left Cameron Highlands this morning, and reached Penang around midday. Its a lot  more like Singapore which calms me. I miss Singaporeee. Except the heat. Omg, when I got off the bus earlier on, I was nearly FRIED. SO freaking hot omg. But yeah. We’re prolly going to the museum tomorrow (: I love museums (: (: (:

I REALLY HOPE I CAN MAKE IT FOR THE 90’S NEW YEAR’S PARTY ITS GONNA BE SO AWESOME OMG. But since its not actually on the 31st, I should be fine (: I love 90’s highschool movies omg. They make me happy (:


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