Goodbye 2011

Okay, so this is gonna be a really long post, so bear with me. Looking back, 2011 has been a really good year for me, muchmuch better than 2010. I’ve learnt a lottt, made new friends, grew closer to the friends I’ve already had, picked myself up from the rut I was in last year and just basically grew a lot la.

In Hindsight

Academicwise: So I didn’t do as well as I wanted to, but oh well. I did study hard, and now I know that I have to study muchmuch harder next year. I dropped in subjects that I usually do well in, and that has been a humbling experience. Learnt not to complacent and really put in 110% in everything I do. But luckily, I’m still going to RJ regardless of my shitty results. This is probably unfair to many of the poor souls who worked their asses off to get into RJ, but I just have to thankful for what I’ve been given- another chance. When I was in Penang, met this boy (my tour guide’s son) who is like some little genius. He’s 15, and he knows stuff about neuroscience and stuff. Just really passionate about Science la. I felt super stupid talking to him. My parents talked to me later about how I need to work a lot harder next year (I teared up, like I always do whenever they talk about studies) but they were really nice about. I guess I owe it to myself to study as hard as I can and get into a good university. I was looking at some universities (why are uni websites all so ugly and difficult to maneuver around!! I think so far, NUS has the best website. Sigh) and I’m quite interested in UCLA! It has a really good linguistics and psych programme. Ah see how la.

Familywise: Well, I’ve learnt to appreciate my parents more this year, that’s for sure. They are really amazing people, and I’m so thankful for them. They’ve been really nice about my results and they’re very supportive la. They let me study whatever I want and go to whichever university as long as I do well. I guess I’ve also gotten to know my brother more, and saw that he is very flawed and not this hero that I thought he was when I was younger. He has really disturbing issues, and however tiring it is for me to keep motivating him and having faith in him, I have to. Because that’s what families do.

Friendswise: I love all my friends I really do. A general vague paragraph won’t do, so I’m gonna have shoutouts! :D

1. Alagu- Ah, I love you so much la. You’re like the sister I never had (: your stupid jokes and sensible words have really helped me through this year. You know when to crack a lame joke and cheer me up, and when to give me a verbal slap to wake up and stop feeling sorry for myself. Thanks for putting up with my bitchy moments, and giving me space when I’m moody. Hahaha I know you like the back of my hand, yet you tend to surprise me sometimes with your wise moments and big words HAHAHA. You’re damn cute la, and you better still be  bestfriends with me next year if not I’ll kill you. I LOVE YOU ALAGUUUUUU <3 Oh and can you please come back from India already!?!?

2. Nicole- You are seriously one of the most genuinely nice, accepting and non-judgemental people I know. You’ve always accepted me for who I am, and never expected me to change or anything. I know that I can ALWAYS come to you with my problems and you’ll listen and sympathise. We’ve been through so much together b, and I have faith that we’ll go through much more together. No matter what shit we have to face in JC, it’ll be okay because we’ll still be friends (: I’m alwaysalways here for you man, you know that. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, I’m always here, and your happiness means a lot to me. I’m glad you’re happy with k, but if he screws with you, he has to face the thorns (I’ll never get tired of saying this) I love you bestie<3

3. Benita- Hey, I haven’t been as close to you this year, but I know you’ll always have my back (: I’m sorry I haven’t been able to make it for the last few outings, I’ll make it up to you, promise. We have so many memories together la. All our primary school drama, your nonstop crying, Mrs Bala, our cup noodles, Sarawak, the boys, the library.. Aiya, the list goes on and on la. But yes, you’re one of my oldest friends, and you mean a lot to me. I know we’ll all be in different places next year, but I do hope we’ll continue to keep in touch. I know we will la! :D Our longtime ambition of a road trip will come true someday!! Stay amazing b (:

4. Amirah- Hahahaha we have so much in common seriously. I know we started with 2 conversation topics: Sharon Ong and AVPM, after which it progressed to 3: Sharon Ong, AVPM, and how we only have 2 conversation topics :D:D but yeah, I’m really glad we’ve been tablemates for so long, thank you so much for dealing with my nonstop talking. I think you are so incredible seriously. You’re a really good friend!!! Thank you so much for advising me about you-know-what over the span of several long phone calls and emails, I really appreciate it!! I think we’ll be forever bonded by the shows we watch (community, 10 things, awkward, modern family etcetc) I’m so sad that you won’t be in the same class as Aisyah and I, who will I laugh at her with!!!! I’m gonna miss you so much (and your hairband why did you have to change it!) but yes, we are going to have our own canteen table. Where we will converse about scholarly topics (like hell, we’re just going to bitch) I’m so glad we’re friends (: stay awesome and don’t let the bad people get you down. H8ers gna h8 anyways (:

5. CSM- Hahaha I used to be really scared of you last year, and part of this year, but I’m really glad I got to know you better! You’re super nice and genuine and you always check up on me when I’m sick (: and you got me HP merch, which is basically a shower of good points for you hahaha. Thank you for putting up with my incessant chatter during options (although I’m pretty sure you weren’t really listening) and your blog is super entertaining hahahaha (:

6. Heather- You are so helpful and nice to me (: esp with prom and you-know-what. Thanks for always having time for me, and helping me with all the stupid things in my life (: your crazy possessive psychotic gf moments are so epic. You and Chanel better be in the same class alright!! I’m so happy we’re friends :D

7. Chanel- You are seriously damn cute and talented. I am so happy that we were tablemates this year. You’re so epic with your random comments (My walls are empty. Like my head) and you’re really kind and helpful too! Amirah and I would have been totally lost without your Chem/Math guidance! :D thanks for helping me so much with prom and all, I owe you a lot (: I’m reallyreally happy that we got closer this year, and I sincerely hope we keep it touch next year!!

8. Hengyeng- Well, I was scared of you too, you can look absolutely terrifying and dao, until you smile. Cause you have a very “light up the room” smile! :D you’ve also been really nice to me this past year, and thanks for helping me when I lost my hoodie! You’re so talented with your baking and all, and you’re pretty too! And smart and hardworking and athletic.. List goes on. Sigh. But anyway, I LOVE YOU HY WE MUST KEEP IN TOUCH OKAY (:

9. Clara Poa- You are so epic and funny. And I won’t stop here (I read your blog) You are very nice and kind and awesome okay. Please don’t doubt that! We wouldn’t be friends with you if you’re terrible!! I’m really glad we were tablemates last year, Amirah and I had plenty of entertainment (: you were one of my first friends in 406, and I really had lots of fun playing cat and mouse with you. We will always be the “girls at the back” :D  stay awesome alright! I love you Clara, take care!

10. Stacy- Hahaha I was also scared of you in Sec3, in fact I didn’t really like you very much at the start of last year because you’re so blunt. But as I got to know you, I learnt that that was a value I should appreciate in you (: I like how you’re so straightforward and nice. I mean what you see is what you get you know? You’re so cool and indie and like “I don’t care what other people think” and frankly, I think we need you around to make sure we stay on the ground (: stay cool stacy :D

11. Claire- Okay, I don’t really want to type this cause I’ll start crying. But yes, I love you so much dearie, and I’m absolutely devastated that you left ): but I’m happy for you! You are such an amazing person, and we’ve shared loads of wonderful memories together. Keep in touch okay! And rest assured I’ll email you when the new Maximum Ride books come out (: Email me after you watch the movie I gave you alright! Miss you already dearie <3

12. Aisyah- Hahahahahahah you are one of those people who are insanely hilarious without trying. Amirah and I spend most of our time in school laughing at you Aisyah, we just can’t help it. Mr Jalleh and you have a very special bond I swear. I’m really glad we’re gonna be classmates next year, I’m gonna need your wit to get me through the year :D and I love it when we start bitching about people and WE GO ALL CAPS hahahaha.

13. INO Batch- You guys are truly precious to me. Idk how I’d have gotten through RG without you. I have sooooo many incredible memories with you. Everyday practices, SYF, bus rides from performances (premikha anyone!!!) 190 rides, breaktimes, mr mani, deva, camp.. I could go on forever. I’m so thankful for you, from the bottom of my heart. I love all of you so much <3

I’m sorry if I missed out on anyone.  There’s just so many people I’m thankful to, for making 2011 such a good year, and I can’t possibly fit all of you here. I really love all of you, thanks for having my back throughout this crazy year (:

In Foresight

So yes, I’m going to JC. Quite frankly I’m shocked I made it. After 4 years of RG, I hope I’m finally ready for the grueling 2 years that lie ahead of me. Its gonna be such a new experience, completely different from anything I’ve faced, and I’m terrified. I really hope my friends remain my friends, and I remain myself. People who are reading this: Please grab me, and slap me if you see me being wild. But yes, my resolutions for the coming year.

1. Study well. I really need to be focused and study hard. I’m finally dropping my sciences, and I have no more excuse to not do well. I need to do my homework all the time and take copious notes and be hardcore. Need to get into a good university!! A-levels scare the shit out of me.

2. Keep away from drama. I don’t want to be caught up in pointless drama in JC. I’ve had enough of that in the last 10 years of school and I don’t wanna get into trouble.

3. Always have time for my friends. I know JC is gonna be really tough and stressful, but I want to be there for my friends whenever they need me.

4. Don’t neglect family. Nuff’ said.

5. Read more. I really missed reading this year. Not just this year actually, I haven’t been reading as much as I used to since primary school. Its something I’ve always loved doing, and I don’t wanna give it up. Esp since I’m getting a kindle (!)

6. Don’t change too much and become some crazy slutty girl.

7. To be less judgemental.

So yeah, those are my hopes and goals for 2012. If the world DOES end next year, I wanna die happy and not hating myself. Hey, at least I would get to miss A-levels! Haha anyway, I’ll be going to see the fireworks so I’ll just say this now:



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