I’m so glad I spent my New Year day with my friends (: had a 90’s themed party where we wore awesome clothes and watched insane movies. Can I just say that my dad’s flannel shirt is the most comfortable thing ever!! I want to wear it foreverrrrr. OH and Never Been Kissed is the most awesome movie ever okay. I love it I love it I love it. We were all SCREAMING at the last part cause we were so stressed. but seriously? BEST KISS EVER. Omg, I was soooooooooo x8645983659026527963804567 happy when they kissed omgomgomg indescribable. Like how he ran up to her and just kissed her, without any pause or anything. Omg I MELTED.

AND HE IS SO HOT OMGGGGGGGGGGG seriously he is like my favourite chick lit male lead ever. He is super attractive, and smart and nice, AND HE TEACHES LIT OMG. Supersuper hot. Yes. Right. I love the movie, you should all watch it.

Also watched She’s All That, which was pretty good, but I liked Never Been Kissed a lot better. Zach is very cute though hahaha. Sigh, watching NBK was such a nerve wrecking, emotionally grueling experience omg. So worth it though (:

Okay, I’m very stressed now, cause I’m trying to blog, WhatsApp and MSN at the same time. Will blog later. I love all of you friends! I had lots of fun today (:


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