My left ear is blocked and it hurts like asfjhgldfghlhgfjslghgakjgfh. Like a LOT. I can’t even go back to sleeppppp. When I googled remedies, people tell me to put rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. How do they even have this at home!? Sounds like something a chemistry lab would have. And other people tell me to put more water inside. Uhhhhh. WHAT. It already hurts like the devil because of water THEN YOU WANT ME TO PUT MORE.

Its hurtsssssssssssssss. My brother is going to the GP later (he probably fractured his right hand, he punched a wall -.-) I’ll prolly go along with him and let my GP do the magic. But thats it like 3hours+ time. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TILL THEN. Omggg hurtshurts.

Need to meet Alagu later also. Argh. It just hurts a lot.


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