Satisfied With Myself.

Went out with Alagu today, after a longlonglong time, and I had lots of fun!! I had really missed going out with her and talking about the most ridiculous of things (: Met at Vivo, ate lunch at Pastamania, went to fix her phone and walked around a lot! Oh I got my planner! :D getting a planner is like this important ritual every year I swear. I mean you’re gonna have to stare at it for the next year so has to be nice!! Planned on getting the Kiki.K one, but its very common, and it was sold out apparently. So I got another one! :D It has an elephant on the front! :D I like elephants (: they’re so calm and gentle and like.. Nice. Headed out to Shaw after that so she could get her uniform. I have yet to get mine!! And my mum is trying to get me to buy a new rgs pinafore also -.- cause she says mine is very short now -.- but it’ll look new and noob ergh. And its for how long only!!! Indian mums are so ridiculous. I’ll get one new pinafore just to please her, but not wear it very often >)

Aiyo, I need to hem my skirt after I buy tmr also! Its gonna be freaking longggggg. But I’m terrible at hemming stuff, it’ll be crooked! And my mum will purposely make it very long until I look like some loser -.- my life.

OH I MADE THOSAI FOR MYSELF TODAY! The first few were like torn and pathetic, but I got better as I went along!! :D they were whole and crispy and like golden brown (: I AM A SUCCESSFUL INDIAN GIRL NOW. You have no idea how satisfied I am with myself. I’m so pathetic hahahah.


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