JC Preparations.

Sigh, I think I look damn weird in my RJ uniform omg. Like damn.. Different and awkward ): my mum was pinning my skirt to the correct length so that can give for alteration then she was all “Must be below knee!! Its very indecent to show your knees!!!” and I was like !?!?!?! In the end she asked me to show her pictures of the school uniform, so I facebooked a couple of seniors and showed her how short they wore their skirts. She was quite aghast, but said okay to just above knee. And she made me bend over to ensure that my skirt doesn’t ride up. And I kept telling her “I don’t bend over!! Why do you need me to do this!? Even if I need to pick up something, I will bend my knees and go down!!!” She is insane. AND SHE’S TRYING TO GET ME TO WEAR MY PINAFORE BELT ABOVE THE LOOP. ABOVE ITTTTTT.

I swear, she doesn’t want me to have friends.

She doesn’t want me to take public transport to school either -.-  Her justifications:

1. You’ll wake up late everyday then you’ll eventually get kicked out of RJC.

2. You’ll fall asleep on the bus and get lost, go late and eventually get kicked out of RJC.

3. You’ll be so tired from the incredibly EXHAUSTING journey (I have a straight bus -.-) that you’ll sleep in class and will eventually get kicked out of RJC.

Good to know she has so much trust in me. I guess this means I’ll be taking school bus next year! Anyone has any idea how and when to sign up?


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