My Brother’s Dramatic Gesture.

SO my brother asked a girl out today, Shree. And he reallyyy likes her la, so he wanted to do something special. After several hours of brainstorming, the both of us came up with a grand gesture! Basically he bought flowers (blue roses: her favourite) and had them delivered to our house. Then, in the morning, my brother’s friend Justin and I went to the roof of the multi-storey carpark near our house, which can be seen from the higher floor of my block, and pasted huge letters spelling out “Will you be mine?’ It was really hard work okay. The both of us were SO close to throwing the scissors and duct tape over the ledge, and at one point, throwing ourselves off too. It was freaking hot, and I was all sweaty and gross. Shudder. But yeah, after we finished it, we came back home, showered and waited with the flowers. Once my brother texted us that they were walking towards the block, we went up to the 15th floor, hid and waited for them to come up. My brother surprised her with the thing, and went on his knees with the flowers. She was super happy hahah. Very cute la. A bit awkward cause its my brother, but sweet nonetheless. I took a photo with my shitty iphone camera (its the view from the 15th floor) SO HERE IT IS:

The things I do for my brother. Sigh.


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