Cheesy Movies and I

I really love all the cheesy cliched chickflicks. I reallyreally do. I guess everyone’s always telling how they are all so unrealistic and how life is never like that. But that’s why we watch these movies isn’t it? I mean, we all know deep down that no guy is ever going to run all over town coming to look for us. We know that no guy is going to go to 6 different lighthouses just to find my favourite one to give me back my photoframe. No guy is going to turn up at prom even though he hates the idea just to be with me. NOBODY WILL DO THIS.

But I like to hope anyway you know? I want a guy to whisk me away, to sweep me off my feet with ridiculous grand gestures and to forgive me when I go crazy and to just love me. Maybe I’m living in a bubble, but I like this bubble, and nobody needs to burst it for me. I’m just going to wait around for the guy who manages to turn my life into a romcom (:


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