The Night Circus

Soooooo. I just finished reading my first book on the kindle! :D Comments!

1. The Reading Experience- Its so good omg, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m reallyreally happy with it, the resolution is AMAZING, it really is like a book. I adore the default font that the books come in, its really gorgeous, and like super pleasing to the eyes. The page turning is really instinctive too! I guess going to the store and all is a bit laggy, but its not too bad. I really love the dictionary function on the touch, it makes looking up words a LOT easier trust me. But yes, highly recommended, please get it. You will not regret it seriously.

2. The Book Itself- A really good book I would say. Its fantasy, and I think the plot is a little hard to grasp, it might take a second reading to properly grasp all the details and nuances in the story, but it was really good. The descriptions were incredibly good, i really felt like I was transported into this gorgeous black-and-white circus, and the author managed to weave in mystery and secrecy seamlessly. Its a book very rich in colour and details and settings I think. Very pleasing to read and it engages your imagination a lot. I recommend it! I would probably give it 4 stars! :D


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