The Book Thief

So I just bought the book on my Kindle. Its supposed to be a reallyyy good book right? That’s why I didn’t download it illegally, good books should be bought. I am glad that having a Kindle is making me read more intelligent books which might actually lead to me learning valuable life lessons. I am very happy about this. Since I came to RGS, my reading has dwindled. To trashy books. Which are bad for me (yes amirah I am referring to private) they’re okay once in a while, but you need good books which enrich you as a person you know? And having a Kindle is motivating me to do that!

Yes. So I’m going to read The Book Thief. I will get back to you on how I find it! :D

Also lame Dad joke of the week:

“If computer becomes com, kindle becomes kin is it?” And he looked so pleased with himself, bless his soul. My dad is the cutest person I know. Hands down. No competition.


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