Guys, we need to stop.

Okay so all my friends are currently suffering from severe UGS, and some of us even extending to TGS (talentless girl syndrome) and SGS (stupid girl syndrome) so I’ve decided to write notes to them to show them how amazing they are! Since my anonymous messages on formspring never work. And I’ll be posting their pictures where I think they look very pretty (although its like everything please) Also, I’m only doing for those who are displaying severe symptoms.

Shimei: The most severe case out of all of us. You need to stop CSM! I’m convinced you’re slowly losing your mind HAHA. But yes, you have nothing to worry about. You really are very pretty, I cannot begin to tell you how good you looked at prom. When you smile your proper smile, its just like WOAH. Seriously! Like Hengyeng level ready! And you’re really nice and loyal and protective of your friends. I love being friends with you, and ANYONE would be lucky to have you as a friend/girlfriend/wife/sister/mother (okay maybe not mother HAHA) But yeah, you are also very articulate and funny! Its always a joy to talk to you. UGS is not relevant to you cause YOU’RE NOT UGLY. Yes. You are very awesome, please believe me.

Amirah: Once again, you are very prettty!! You also have a very nice smile, and you are just so pleasant-looking! Seriously! You are also super talented okay. Shut up, I will not accept any argument here. You are so funny and good at rapping and making funny faces. And you’re such a good friend! You’re like always there for me, and I really appreciate it! Also, I think you are very moral and conservative, I approve of that. Also, you are not stupid. Stop saying that. I sit next to you, I know that you aren’t stupid, you do well for exams, and even when you don’t, its cause of exam stress, not that you don’t know! You work very hard, and it motivated me a lot last year (I don’t think I told you this before!) I am sosososo thankful that we are friends, and I love that we have stuff in common. I also think you’re going to be very successful in the future, so stop worrying so much okay! <3

Hengyeng: YOU ARE ONE OF THE PRETTIEST PEOPLE I KNOW OKAY FOR REAL I PROMISE YOU. I know I say this all the time, but its true. YOU HAVE A VERY RADIANT SMILE. It just lights up the room and makes people feel warm and happy! You are such a nice, loyal protective friend, and I love how you’re in such a happy relationship. You are such a nice person, and you’re domestic, and pretty, and smart, and hardworking, and modest, and smart and reallyreally amazing. I’m being super honest okay!! And its so hard to choose a picture for you cause you look incredibly nice in EVERYTHING. But I chose this in the end! :D I LOVE YOUR DIMPLES.
Clara: I seriously think  you are crazy! YOU ARE SO PRETTY. Like honestly. I think you have a very flawless face. Or at least I don’t see any flaws! Its the “wah why so pretty and perfect face one” I bet, if you weren’t you, you would think you were very pretty (did that make sense?) I think you have a v nice complexion and a v nice smile :D also, you are very funny and cute! :D
Heather: Another pretty person. I think you look super dainty and pretty and nice when you wear dresses and skirts! Also I think you’re a glam person. You always look dainty and graceful, even when you’re walking around in your pinafore or like culottes or whatever. You’re such a superduperultra nice person, and I’m really grateful that we’re friends (: thanks for all your help, and just for caring about me and supporting me when I really need it, you’re the best heather! <3
Chanel: AIYOH YOU ARE SO PRETTY AND CUTE CAN. Like seriously. You were the star during prom, and my mum thinks you’re superrrr pretty hahahaha. You’re one of the cutest people I know, with your epic comments, and one of the nicest too. Thanks for all the little whatsapp messages babe, I really appreciate them <3
Aisyah: Haha, okay I think you’re better than us, but I’ll say it anyway: YOU ARE SO PRETTY. Seriously. You have very pretty shapely eyes, and you look gorgeous in a tudung! :D you are the kind the when people see you outside they go “woah aisyah. there’s a diva behind the proper school attire!” HAHAHAHA you really are v pretty and funny and awesome and I love you a lot hahahah you make my day everyday <3
Woah, my friends are all so pretty, prettiness overload ready I swear. Come on guys, you really have no reason to be UGSy, lets make stacy proud!! :D sorry for people who weren’t mentioned, if you think you are suffering from ugs, please let me know and I’ll gladly do a post on you! :D happy cny everyone! <3

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