Childhood Heroes

You know there are some people you meet, and you just wish that you were related just so you could spend more time with them? Like they’re so nice and cool and funny and awesome that like you just look up to them like anything, and you just wanna be super close to them? Hahaha, I have 2 people like that and I’m going to blog about one of them!

Deepan Annae (translation:brother) He’s my cousin’s friend and he lives in the quarters! Cause my uncle works at some telephone company and they provide living quarters for the employees la. I adoreee going there because everyone who lives there are like really tight and friendly. They’ve been living together for freaking long, and like the kids grew up together kind. I swear they all have a very happening life and like so many fun experiences!

But yeah back to him. I always camp out at his house when I go there, cause he’s super nice and funny and his mum is one of the nicest people I know. She’s incredibly sweet to me, and she’s always going on about how she wants to adopt me HAHAHA. And the reason I like Deepan Annae is like cause even though he’s so much older than me (like 13 years!!) he still gives me his full attention when I talk. I love people like that. Like you know, when you talk they kind of focus on you and what you’re saying and you can tell that they really care about what you’re saying. I had so many fun, retarded conversations with him this time round.

He kept asking me seriously if I have a boyfriend LOLLLL. I was like uhhhh NO! But you know when people ask you this kind of question you just start smiling like an idiot?? Argh. He refused to believe me lor. Then I was like reallyyyy no!!!! Do I seem girlfriend material to you!?!!? Then he told me that I have a very pleasant face and not all girls have it. Cause I’m very smiley and like nice to look at. Then his mum came out and started squishing me and telling me that I’m very pretty HAHAHA. And can tell that they really believe it you know! HAHA made my day (:

But yeah, he’s getting married today! And the girl is really nice, I’ve met her before and like spoken to her, and I’m so happy for him. Cause you know when you meet such nice people, you’re just like superrrr desperate for them to have nice pretty wives cause THEY DESERVE IT. And yes, I’m happy for him cause they’re very cute together. He always goes up to the rooftop and talks on the phone with her, so whenever I go out onto the balcony can see him up there and he’ll wave at me HAHA.

So yes, I think I’ll always look up to him and think he’s very cool. But its sucks cause he’ll be moving after he gets married, and I won’t see him very often anymore ): ): but its okay, we’ll kit through facebook hahaha. I’m really glad I got to spend time with him this time round! :D


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