I had a really bad case of “I don’t wanna go home” this time round. Like I was SO reluctant to leave. I think I welled up like at last 15 times cause I felt so miserable about leaving. Not only cause India was awesome, but also cause coming back means the start of 2 years of torture. Ugh. But yes, India was a huge ego boost HAHA, UGS cured!! I guess even if I’m considered unattractive in Singapore, ITS OKAY. Because apparently I’m pretty and girlfriend-able in India! :D this is such a relief. Now got no chance of me dying alone yay! :D

I had a lot of fun this time round. Even though it was an unbelievably short trip, it felt very fulfilling cause I got to see everyone! I love my family so much they are very fun and awesome and I’m gonna miss them like anything I swear. OH, and on a brighter note, my hands are now startlingly hennafied. The person did it super prettily I swear, I was like awe-inspired by her talent! Super quick and precise!

But yes, I have another post coming up! :D


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